Trauma Informed Education Coalition

What is TIEC?


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Since 2012, the Trauma Informed Education Coalition (TIEC) has been informing the education community and grass roots advocates across Pennsylvania about the issue of emotional and psychological trauma as an impediment to both academic and social school performance.  It holds a unique role in providing information that has influenced state and federal policy initiatives including Pennsylvania Act 18, which mandates trauma-informed education Statewide and US ESSA, which includes provisions for trauma-informed practices in the educational setting. 

Who We Are.

TIEC is a diverse, groundbreaking collaboration of lay membership and professionals from the fields of education, counseling, psychology, human development, social work, and grass roots organizations.  We plan and conduct professional development training for entities that serve children and their families.  TIEC is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Act 48 approved provider. We also consistently offer NASW PA CEUs.


Today, research supports the reality that the emotional and psychological trauma currently pervasive among our children, is impeding their school performance both academically and socially. This same research informs us concerning the plasticity and recuperative powers of the brain given the right environment, relationships, and supportive experiences.


Over the past decade, the Trauma Informed Education Coalition (TIEC) and the Pennsylvania State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) worked in concert, advocating for a Trauma Informed Education System in Pennsylvania. TIEC provides professional development around numerous topic related to trauma-informed care.