About Us

Our Mission

TIEC strives to set the standard for education and training concerning the impact of emotional and psychological trauma, and seeks to transform society through high-quality service to people-serving institutions, agencies, and organizations.

Our Values

TIEC provides state of the art collaborative professional experience and outstanding expertise that together deliver the highest quality, most transformational service available.  We are committed to advance a strength based, resilient society.

Our Principles

Understanding Trauma and Its Impact
Understanding traumatic stress, its impact on the school community, and that many behaviors are adaptive responses to trauma.

Promoting Safety
​Establishing a safe physical, psychological, and emotional environment where basic needs are met, safety measures are in place, and people’s responses are consistent, predictable, and respectful.

Ensuring Cultural Competence
Understanding how cultural context influences perception of and response to traumatic events and the recovery process by respecting diversity, providing opportunities for cultural rituals, and respecting cultural backgrounds.

Supporting Resilience
Helping people build confidence and competence that will strengthen their sense of autonomy by outlining clear expectations, providing opportunities to participate in the creation of personal goals, and maintaining awareness and respect for basic human rights and freedoms.

Sharing Influence
Promoting democracy by sharing power and decision-making.

Integrating Systems
Maintaining a holistic view of the individual and the healing process, and facilitating communication within and among systems.

Building Relationships
Believing that establishing safe, authentic, and positive relationships can be corrective and restorative to survivors of trauma.

Instilling Hope
Instilling hope by providing opportunities for people to be involved at all levels of the system, facilitating peer support, by focusing on strength and resiliency, and establishing future-oriented goals.

TIEC Advisory Committee

Fiona M. Allison, West Chester Food Cupboard & Retired School Psychologist
Michael Churchill, of Counsel, Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia
Ronald R. Cowell, President, The Education Policy and Leadership Center
Jonathan Flynn, Advisor
Susan Gobreski, State Director, Impact Project
William J. Mannella, MD
Jeanette Oswald, MBA

TIEC Members

Christopher A. Barnes, Ph.D.
Dr. Carolyn C. Collins
Betty Lee Davis, Ph.D., LCSW
William O. Farmer MS TF-CBT
Joan Duvall-Flynn, Ed.D.
Ed Goldberg
Anitra J. Green, LCSW, MSW
Lorraine C. Harmer, MLD, MS.Ed.
Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight

Edward E. Kirkbridge, CEFPI Fellow, REFP
Bettie J. McClairen, M.Ed.
Maryann McEvoy M.Ed.
Liam N. Power, M.Ed.
Wesley C. Pugh, Ph.D.
Christopher Pugliese, Ed.D.
Michelle L. Shields
Virginia Sutton, Ph.D.
Dr. Cathy L. Taschner