Trauma Informed Education Coalition

Professional Development Services

Workshop #1 - Calling for a Trauma Informed Education System

This workshop will raise awareness around trauma and loss in children.  The workshop will also bring awareness to the fact that many school youth are emotionally and psychologically wounded.  The workshop will also raise the discussion as to how trauma externalizes itself as an impediment to school performance and will connect this concern tot he potential for the education system to help young people overcome this adversity.

Workshop #2 - Trauma:  Application of Knowledge:  From the Workshop to the Classroom

This workshop will focus on the trauma continuum, hidden and exposed.  The workshop will examine:  the neurophysiology of trauma, the intersection of trauma and PTSD, persistent avoidance, educational safety and behavioral reenactments.  The workshop concludes with three major takeaways on understanding behavioral responses to danger, and also presents a suggested antidote to trauma.

Workshop #3 - Trauma as an Impediment to School Performance

This workshop will focus on trauma as an impediment to school performance.  This workshop will investigate the definition of a traumatic event and will discuss child traumatic stress and secondary stress.  The workshop will instruct on the intersection of abuse and trauma.  The workshop presents the 14 types of trauma and the UCLA assessment.  The workshop also presents the impact of anxiety on the brain, as well as the behavioral manifestations of trauma.  The workshop takes a deep inspection of the work of James Comer and the impact of trauma on physical, language, cognitive, emotional, ethical, social and psychological development of children.  The workshop concludes with information on how schools can help and encouraging information about resilience.

​Workshop #4 - What School Boards and Superintendents Need to Know and Do about Trauma

The workshop will present the definition and continuum of trauma, and will present the need for a trauma informed educational system approach to schooling.  The workshop will also provide the definition of a traumatic event, the behavioral manifestations of trauma and how it impacts discipline in schools.  The workshop will cite the importance of the (arts, music, school counselors and other programs that are being cut at alarming rates in schools) in healing and building resilient schools and children.  The workshop concludes with information on how School Boards and Superintendents can build trauma informed schools. 

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Past Presentations
Trauma as an Impediment to School Performance has been presented to:

  • Phoenixville - Community Forum for Senator Andy Dinniman
  • Chester County Intermediate Unit - Community Forum for Senator Andy Dinniman
  • Lancaster - Community Forum for Representative Mike Sturla
  • Greater Deliverance Church, Coatesville, PA
  • PSEA Workshop:  Nurses, School Counselors and Psychologists
  • PA State School Nurses Association Workshop
  • Counselors' Workshop:  University of Penn Achievement Gap Consortium - New Jersey
  • B.O.Y.S. & G3, Inc. - Community Forum and Staff Training - Coatesville, PA
  • Coatesville Area School District - Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators
  • One Child, Many Hands - Presentation - University of Pennsylvania - The Field Center for Children's Policy, Practice & Research
  • University of Penn - Rowan University, Technology Center
  • Temple University Campus Chapter NAACP - Awareness Workshop
  • Chester Upland School District - Trauma Training